Medical Tourism to Korea – Business Offer

Dear, We hope God blesses you and your family.

This memo includes following items.
1. Introduction of StarParks company Ltd.
2. Medical treatment of foreigners in Korea
3. Agreement on medical services between UAE government and Korean hospitals
4. Korea’s current level – Science & Medicine
5. Environment and Safety of Korea
6. Offer of business cooperation
7. Medical Tourism Package

1. StarParks company Ltd.

We, StarParks, are the first licensed medical tourism company that specializes in attracting foreign patients/ customers to Korea. StarParks recommends/connects appropriate Korean doctors/ hospitals to foreigners and provides them with Korean tour guide service, for them to receive medical treatments or comprehensive medical examinations in Korea. We also provide English and other interpretation/translation service to the global clients.

2. Medical treatment of foreigners in Korea

With such highly advanced medical skills in its technology, Korea has, in the past, been dedicated to serving only its own citizen medically. However, the revision in 2009 of the Korean medical law has made it possible to provide medical services actively for foreigner-patients.
Thus, the number of foreigner-patients in Korea has been swelling ever since 2010.

3. UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai) Health Authority – State–sponsored service agreement with Korean hospitals.

In 2011, the Health Authority of UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, having highly valued Korea’s levels of science and/or medicine in general, conducted overall survey/assessment of major hospitals in Korea. Based on this assessment, Abu Dhabi Health Authority, as a preliminary development, concluded agreements, under which the patients are to be treated in Korea under the sponsorship of Abu Dhabi, with 4 hospitals in Seoul, Korea in November, 2011. Thus, Korea has been providing medical care to those patients with difficulty finding suitable medical care in UAE since December, 2011. Meanwhile, Dubai Health Authority, for its part, sent its first patient to a Korean hospital for a cancer operation with its financial support in December, 2011.

4. Korea’s current level – Science & Medicine

Korea is renowned for its state-of-the-art science and medical treatment.
Korea has the utmost technologies in the world for (1) ① Cell-phone, TV, Refrigerator, Air-conditioner, and other electronic supplies, ② Semi-conductor, ③ Ship-building, ④ Construction, ⑤ Engineering, ⑥ Nuclear power generation, and is the first class producer of (2) ① Car, ② PC, ③ Construction machines, ④ Medical devices. Korean medical doctors have reputation for their excellent skills on complicated surgery, Cardiac surgery, Cancer surgery, Joint/Disk surgery, Dentistry, Cosmetic surgery, Skin care, Stem-cell treatment, Infertility care, etc.
Therefore, the number of foreigner-patients in Korea has been increasing about 40 percents annually since the revision in 2009 of the medical law. The comprehensive medical examination has been performed systematically mostly in Korea and Japan. However, the service provided in Korea is more convenient and efficient than that of Japan. The comprehensive medical examination leads to the prevention of diseases and/or diagnoses of disease in its early stage, which makes it much easier to cure.

5. Environments and Safety of Korea

Korea has distinctive 4-seasons and the weather is not too cold, nor too hot.
70% of the land is mountain, and Korea is a peninsular surrounded by sea in 3 directions like Italy, which creates great natural environment and scenery.
Seoul, the capital city of Korea, has a history of 600 years, longer than that of London. It is more modern and bigger than New York. It has the world-best IT infrastructure. Seoul is well combined with tradition and modernity. Surrounding mountains and the river that crosses the city make the city incredibly beautiful. A great number of Korean companies/workers have been working in Arabic world from 1970s. Therefore, Koreans have intimate feeling with Arabian. There is no discrimination based on religion in Korea, and every religion, including Islam, has peaceful relationship with other religions. The citizens are prohibited to keep guns in Korea, and Korea is one of the safest place in the world. Especially, foreigners are treated as guests, which makes them safer.
Most Koreans understand simple English due to their high education standard.

6. Offer for Business Partnership – connection of patients to Korean hospitals

Worldly renowned Korean doctors are especially excellent at the complicated surgeries such as Brain surgery, Cardiac surgery, Nerve surgery, Cancer surgery, Spine surgery, and Organ transplantation, Cosmetic surgery, etc.
StarParks’s major mission is to connect foreigner-patients to the best hospitals and doctors in Korea. And we have surveyed and updated the information of the best hospitals and doctors in each medical subject. Korean traditional medicine has effective solutions for those diseases like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Nerve disease, Stress, Mind illness, etc. which are hardly cured by modern western medicine. StarParks provides One-stop service including scheduling appointments with hospitals, booking hotel, interpreting, and guiding a tour for patients, etc. in Korea. If you recommend a patient, who has difficulty getting treated in your country, to StarParks, it will connect him to the best hospitals and doctors in Korea.
If you recommend a patient to StarParks, we will give you the commission of the 5 percent of the medical charge. Please contact me after considering our offer.
Thanks and the Best regards.
Ceo of Starparks company
Michael Woo
+(82)10999 10888
+(82)2 6337 1000

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7. Medical Tourism Package

We recommend Medical Tourism Package for your Employee, Family, and Client. 1. Comprehensive physical examination, Dentistry + 2. Skin & Beauty (including anti-aging) + 3. Tour in Korea.
(Possible to get additional medical treatment in Korea, choose some of abovte)

* Period : 4nights-5days, 1 week, 2 weeks * Recommended Customers Employee, Best employee, Clients, Family
* Service level Very-Good, VIP, Super-VIP
* Expense

*** If you are interested in marketing Medical Tour Package in your city, please email to me for the details.