• Can I choose the hospital or the doctor?

    Yes, StarParks will present you with various options for hospitals and doctors for your requested procedure and you will make the final decision.

  • Can I get medical treatment with a non-medical tourist visa?

    Medical Visa is a system that simplifies the immigration process for foreigners entering Korea for medical tourism. However, a medical visa is not required to receive treatment. Even if you get a general visa, you can get treatment in Korea. 

  • Even if I can't speak Korean, can I get medical services?
    StarParks has a medical interpreter available 24 hours a day. If you tell us your schedule in advance, you can get medical service without difficulty of communication.
  • Can I access the same hospitals and procedures without StarParks?

    Yes, you could definitely search online for the best hospitals and doctors in South Korea, but the benefit of StarParks is that we present everything to you in one package without any additional charge. If you don’t use our services you can search and contact hospitals, book appointments, and find accommodation and local transport, but this takes time and can be a hassle. Moreover, you will pay the same price as if you use StarParks. We will relieve the stress surrounding the logistics of your trip, and add the personal touch you need during hospitalization and recovery. 

  • How are your affiliated hospitals and physicians chosen?

    StarParks has worked extensively with affiliated hospitals and makes personal visits to all institutes and surgeons. Through our rich experiences in the Korean medical field, StarParks has data who and which hospital is best for each treatment. 

  • What is medical tourism?

    Also referred to as health tourism and medical travel, medical tourism is a term used by the media to describe travelling internationally to obtain healthcare. 

  • What procedures can I have done in South Korea?

    South Korean hospitals have specialized divisions for most procedures patients are

    looking for, whether it is plastic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiology or weight loss. If the procedure you want is not listed on the website, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • What are the advantages of using StarParks service?

    StarParks offers variety of free services such as making appropriate appointments with doctors and reservations for hotels, interpreting guide, airport pick-up & sending service and any kinds of help you need during your medical tour in Korea. 

  • I’d like to get informations and estimated cost for the treatment in advance?

    Yes. Star Parks will surely inform you in advance of the information and estimated price of the hospital that offers the most suitable for your medical plan. However, It is possible that the estimated cost can change after the consultation with a doctor depending on the patient's condition and recommendations. 

  • How many days before the appointment should I come to South Korea?

    It is recommended to enter South Korea at least 2 or 3 days before the appointment you have made.